Yes! You sold your house! Or have you?

What is your actual yield? Does your property yield more than other investment asset class?

Is it better to sell this year, last year or 5 years later?

"Paid so much for the house. Why don't find out?"

Online version (Work in progress)

This example on the right calculate with the exact amount used to pay for for down payment, buyer’s stamp duty, monthly mortgage installment and maintenance fee, yearly property tax, incoming monthly rental income, outgoing rental expenses, expenses like lawyer fee and property agent fee for sale of property and finally your sale proceed!

With all these said, this calculation will tell you what is the actual yield per annum (IRR).

7.79%p.a! Is it wonderful? Or is it not? 

Meh… comparing to S&P500 ETF which yield 10%p.a. since 1953.

Try it yourself to see if your property yield surprises you!