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What can be recognize as income for housing loan application?

Other than salary, self-employed income and foreign income. These are the other sources of income.

1 %
Fixed Deposit (Pledged)
1 %
Shares CDP value
1 %
Cash balance
1 %
Unit Trust Value
1 %
Rental Income
1 %
Foreign Currency Deposit (Pledged)
1 %
Bonds value (Pledged)
credit card, dollar, cash

What debts affect your loan application?

  1. Property-related loans, including the loan being applied for
  2. Car loans
  3. Student loans
  4. Renovation loans
  5. Credit card loans
  6. Any other secured or unsecured loans, including revolving loans

What is TDSR and MSR?

1 %
Total Debt Servcing Ratio

Total commitment/ Total income ≤ 60%

Applicable to housing loan, re-financing and equity loan  


1 %
Mortgage Servicing Ratio

Potential Mortgage liability ≤ 30% combined income

Applicable to HDB flats and EC units purchased directly from developer